Rape as an act of genocide

The female perspective is interesting even for me because my education/environment/experience has made me define the world, its acts, its situations from the male point of view. I cannot escape it. It is still a man’s world. Mere female participation has just as Dorothy Thomas puts it ‘Add and mixed’ but she challenges the world to ‘Add and alter’. More female participation does not mean we have challenged and changed those definitions. 

There is an allegation by a strand of feminists that ‘International law is male’. The statement can sure invite many defences by both men and women. But through this article, you will see how important  feminist contribution towards law and other literature has been, not just in defining women’s experiences in conflict situations but narrowing the analysis now even further by defining ethnic women’s experiences (e.g. black women face different kinds of prejudice from white women, as do British Pakistanis from Pakistan’s Pakistanis). How do this intersection of multiple identities make certain women particularly vulnerable in conflict situations? 





The Intersectionality-Analysis



3 thoughts on “Rape as an act of genocide

  1. Thanks for this write-up Natasha. I would like to talk to you about wr over phone somtime.

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