Portia, the Indian Cottage and Rajasthani Gypsy Dance

My soulmate Portia shared this with me. I am so inspired to learn Rajasthani gypsy dancing! 

Portia is like a female version of a childhood sweetheart; she’s my childhood soulmate. We grew up together in so many ways despite the short time. She moved back to New York and although we led very different lives we have so many similarities that are not just surfacial but a love for things that define our passion, our identity and our ambitions. Same love for things that makes us so much of who we are.

Art – Portia can approach art from an academic perspective which makes talking about art extremely lifting. She is a Soprano singer and she has perfomed in the Middle Eastern Music Ensemble in New York CUNY Hunter and she loves the opera and has taken me to one! I would have never taken the initiative to go to an opera but I was so glad she opened me to it; she makes learning about cultural life so much interesting. Portia spent a number of years in Singapore and then moved to New York but she has such an amazing cultural identity. The most interesting thing about our relationship is that we both have a love for classical Indian music and the Hindi language.

We spoke for hours last night and planned to go to India together to learn Hindi and learn Kathak and/or Rajasthani gypsy dancing for a month or two. I think this will materialise next summer. I had already planned to live in India for a short period to study and learn dance and now the trip is going to be so much more engaging now that I have someone to go with; especially Portia to go with!


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