Five Loves (h)

I’ve had so many pains; shoulders, wrist and neck. Blow away! Wind, take it away, take it with you.

Five Loves

1. I love growth. In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the highest need is self-actualisation and it can be achieved, re-achieved, re-alised. I love that I am humble enough to admit I am not good, that I don’t know enough, that there’s so much to learn, so much to grow from and grow into. Because I feel un-able and in-adequate (yet sitting comfortably in that, for it is ‘ok’), I see so much potential and space in the future. I think of this with the knowledge I am seeking out for with the literature I read and with each change I feel within myself and my outlook in life; I think of this with my dance, in terms of my stamina, my range, my frame, my intentions and the ‘spaces’ I dance in; and I think of this with my work with women and children.

2. I love love. Love is a great feeling. It excites me. It gives me wonderness in life. I feel like I am floating with fairies all around me. Most of the time. Really. I love my carino. Carino cares unconditionally. And cares with the sweetest smile even when Carino is not smiling. 

3. I love compassion. Compassion has changed me. Ever since I have kept a little baby of compassion in me and given it out to the people I meet and share experiences with, I myself have changed. I practice compassion by breeding ‘compassion’ inside me through gratitude, through prayer/belief, and through excitement for life and eagerness to learn from others.The latter is interesting because by being eager to learn from another, you give power to that person through your compassion for their experiences. If you think of yourself as ‘better’ or ‘greater’ or even ‘more aware’ or ‘experienced’ or ‘well-read’, you diminish your compassion for others and their experiences.

Sometimes the baby compassion I tend to builds up and overflows and that normally manifests in an unfathomable Natasha-hyperactivity; I get out of breath, sometimes scream and shout (shrill), stutter my words and feel like giving all my pretty things away to others who admire them. This ‘giving’ of compassion is a practical exercise. It can be hugging, holding someone’s hand, kissing; it is listening to other people share their experiences and taking it in (listening without taking is NOT compassion); it is empowering others by giving ‘power’ to his thoughts and deeds either by speaking of its beauty, of its kindness, of its courage, of its comedy…of anything that empowers the recipient of that compassion.

(Remind me to write a post about this after exams)

4. I love stories. I love stories that other people tell me. I always feel that our lives are made up not just of our own experiences but the experiences of others which we vicariously live by listening to their stories and then sharing it with other people.

5. I love home.  I love Singapore. Inside I know I will miss it. I have in my vision to create a life where I can have multiple ‘temporary havens’ around the world; and one in Singapore.  

My creation of Home, as multiple havens. It does not have to be mine; it could be a hostel, a free traveller’s inn, a host family, or a friend’s hut. One in a village in Badakshan Afghanistan, one near a running river and lake in mountainous East Europe, one near the shepards in Mcleod Ganj where the exiled Dalai Lama lives. Nothing extravagant.



3 thoughts on “Five Loves (h)

  1. Yes, oh so cool, not mediocre. You’ll appear really chic in your maxi dress and fedora hat. Muah!

  2. Hello there my dear, I can see some of our conversations in what u have written and it makes me smile. I love uuuuuu. I might follow up on your blog entry, I wrote about the things I love before but I do not know where it is. time for a follow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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