O Re Piya

This is the first song I will dance to

uRne lagaa kyon man baawlaa re
(Oh, why did my crazy soul begin to fly?)
aayaa kahaa.n se yah ho.nslaa re
(Oh, where did this courage come from?)
o re piyaa o re piyaa haaye
(O beloved…)

taanaa-baanaa taanaa-baanaa buntii hawaa haaye buntii hawaa
(The breeze teases and taunts me, oh, the breeze plays havoc with me.)
buu.nde.n bhii to aaye nahii.n baaz yahaa.n
(Even the raindrops won’t shower here again.)
saazish me.n shaamil saaraa jahaa.n hai
(The whole world is part of the intrigue.)
har zarre zarre ki yah intezaar hai
(I never stop waiting.)

o re piyaa
(O beloved!)
o re piyaa haaye o re piyaa haaye
(O beloved…)
o re piyaa
(O beloved!)

ni re re re ga ga ga ma ma ma pa pa ma ga re sa sa re re sa ga ga re ma ma 
ga pa pa ma dha dha pa ni ni sa sa pa pa sa ma pa dha ni sa ni re ni sa sa sa…
[Notes in Indian classical music.]

nazare.n bole.n duniyaa bole
(The glances are telling, the world is telling)
dil kii zabaan haaye dil kii zabaan
(the story of my heart, oh, the story of my heart.)
ishq maa.nge ishq chaahe koii tuufaan
(Love prays, love wishes for a hurricane.)
chalnaa aahiste ishq nayaa hai
(A new love slowly walks in.)
pahalaa yah waadaa ham ne kiyaa hai
(This is the first promise we gave.)

o re piyaa haaye o re piyaa haaye
(O beloved…)
o re piyaa piyaa
(O beloved, beloved.)
yah piyaa
(This beloved.)

na.nge pairo.n pe a.ngaro.n chaltii rahii haaye chaltii rahii
(You were stepping on burning charcoal barefoot, oh, you kept walking.)
lagtaa hai ke gairo.n me.n me.n paltii rahii haaye
(Oh, it seems that you were brought up among strangers.)
le chal wahaa.n jo mulk teraa hai
(Take me to your country.)
zaahil zamaanaa dushman meraa hai haaye
(Oh, the cruel world is my enemy.)


4 thoughts on “O Re Piya

  1. Tashy. My first time commenting. Sorry been so busy with the portfolio. You finally put that green-Veil picture up. What did we name it? We had a number of concepts. After my contract is done and over with, we sure have to record more videos of your dancing. GOoD lUCk for YoUr ExAMs.



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