My companion

You call and ask ‘Who is this?’, ‘This is Natasha’ I say.  Many years down, you will hush me gently when I squeal ‘Quiettt…quiet darling. Tooooooo loud.’ From a stranger to the belonged, I be.  The one who calms me. My companion.

We sit under the sun and hear the birds sing to us.  You want to observe and keep all simple.To you, nature is majestic. You glance up, admire the tree, explaining to me how every side of the tree balances itself. ‘This is majestic. This is beauty’ you say, not knowing I was gazing at you, thinking the same about you. 

Like the branches, you keep me balanced.

We watch the sun come and go. Leaves dance. I dance too. You watch but I don’t think you understand what this all means to me. You are to0 humble to understand these depths. You remain special because you don’t know just how special you are.

You listen to my songs and I sing with it. But you refuse to sing, you are shy and I love it. 

We look up and see a black cloud hover above us. There is no rain and later the day becomes warm. Even nature pretends. As I do after these many years. 

 my companion, you are, you’ll be.


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