Liberating pain through dance

I have tendonitis and tennis elbows. The cure for it is yoga and dance. 

Excerpt from email 18/09/2007

Petrovsky gave me a book. Musashi’s Book of 5 Rings ( Go Rin no Sho). We read a chapter of it together. He said ‘Natalia (Russian variant of Natasha), drain your desire.’ I had a sharp wrist pain as all drained out of me. It collected at my right wrist. His metrics are accurate. He said ‘Measure your success with this pain.’ If I succeed, the aching pain on my right wrist will dissolve (it comes with discipline).The sword, the art, will liberate me. (referring to the dance of the warrior I was practising. The dance will relief my pain)

 This past week my wrists, elbows and eyes were constraining my liberty. I slept for 10 hours. Today morning I did dance-yoga. Been eating fruit to detoxify myself. 


Petrovsky brought me my cure – it is the art of physical discipline. Through yoga and dance, I will develop physical and mental strength. The physical strain of different body postures and the consciousness of breathing in Yoga will relieve my pains. That is why I say Yoga and dance will liberate me. Coelho wrote something similar. I read Coelho in late 2007 after meeting Petrovsky.

Excerpt from Coelho’s ‘Witch of Portebello’ p. 59

..they had found a remedy for all ills through a patricular kind of dance, because the dance brought the dancer into contact with the light from the Vertex

Today morning I took Diclofenac Sodium tablets instead. The instant relief.


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