A hut by a lakeside

  IMG_1740  IMG_1769

My vision of where I would love to spend time to reflect, to be in touch with myself, to be in touch with nature and to write away! Love a hut in the foreground of majestic snow capped mountains, close to a lake and a slow-running river.

IMG_1746IMG_1774 IMG_1763


O’ Sun with your golden trails; Weave into the woods of brown and grey; Awake these gentle beasts, above the majestic hills they fleet away. Why, why the morning inspires; the poet rushes to script a play. He notices at the far end, a dancer twirls along fresh waters as she greets the day.

– Sahara




IMG_1757   IMG_1774



7 thoughts on “A hut by a lakeside

  1. Aww tashy darling this is such a pretty picture!! I hope you fulfill all of it. Thanks for emailing. xx Love lots xx

  2. Pretty yes just like you. Sleep well beautiful spirit, you should be asleep. Best wishes for finals.

  3. Tasha, ya need to figure out how to share your entries on Google Reader so you do not have to email them. Great pictures. Rest of the entries are as interesting. Finals now? Good luck.

  4. My dear cousin,
    First of all, i LOVE what you are going to do. I can see myself living there too. These native places, that have to distraction caused by media, superficiality, noise, where everything seems so basic however human relationships reach a level of unknown intensity to the western world…where can you give (and be appreciated) and learn more than here? You will listen to the sound of the wind, you will feel the magic of air, you will smell and taste and feel differently and not just because you are listening to what your senses are giving you and what your soul, heart and intuition are receiving but also because this is the place where you find your own personal truth and create your own personal story. I cannot wait to hear from what is happening inside you and around you.

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