Clowning Desiree in Guatemala for Guatemala



Desi is my incredible cousin and life-sister. She temporarily left her job as a doctor to spend her time clowning for patients in Guatemala with Patch Adams, the legendary doctor who clowned his way through medicine and offered his patients the best medicine; Happiness and Laughter.


Desi, the free spirit-ed is she who is not attached to normality; it is she who traverses the tracts of this world, cherish what it furnishes and gives back to it through laughter and joy.

Where I remain in England, writing out paragraphs for my dissertation, your travels are my peace. Thank you.

Desi wrote: My first time clowning –

I have no words. This was magical and it was the most spiritual thing I have ever done with so many people. You CANNOT (!!!!) imagine the effect our love and work had on those who needed it. They teared even if they could not see nor hear you. The felt your touch even though they were paralysed! They spoke in spanish so I do not know exactly what they were saying but I felt that it came from their heart. “thank you, thank you, you are my daughter, thank you so much for your love”.

You treat a disease, you win, you loose. You treat a person, I guarantee you, you’ll win, no matter what the outcome.


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