The Great Warwick Jump 2009 – I did the Sky Dive, But you raised the money!





I did the Sky-Dive. But you raised the money

(This picture was taken after the Sky-Dive, as I was walking back after my parachute-land)
Together the entire event of 218 Sky Divers from Warwick University raised £50,000 pounds altogether for so many different charities like Cancer Research UK, Gaza Appeal, Save the Children, Right to Play amongst so many others!


(My bright-pink teenage pyjama pants sticking out from underneath!)

Because of your generosity, out of the 218 Sky Divers, we raised the most amount for Zabuli Girls School in Afghanistan (  £1700 and counting! I received a free video of my sky-dive by a professional sky-dive videographer and cannot wait to share it with all of you. I am extremely indebted to all of you. Over the past few weeks, I saw my friends and family mobilise other people to care about Zabuli Girls and people I didn’t even know donated great amounts to support this project. You have no idea how touched I feel, when you send emails to your friends, or talk about this to your family members or change your facebook status to ‘Support Natasha Latiff’s Sky Dive for Afghan Girls’.  Some donated two times even! I hate fundraising but this compassion you showed through your efforts really inspired me to keep raising the target.


(This picture was taken before I lifted off. Of course the cow-boy howdy-how hat had to go)

I will honour your efforts by visiting Zabuli Girls School in Afghanistan in the summer and let the Zabuli Girls tell you what this means to them.

(The picture below was when they called my name out. I was nervous)




This was right after my sky-dive. Look at my hand – swollen, red and blue from the cold. I was on an unusual high at this stage.


After landing


That’s me in Ghazi’s lenses


These are friends I met during the event.



I did the Sky-Dive. But you raised the money. Remember that!



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