FI’s Upcomings

I have been a little drama-mama lately about raising funds for various things; Zabuli School Project, Clinton Global Initiative and Musawah Conference as well as my trip to Afghanistan this summer. I am trying to work ahead of time but sometimes the ‘wait’ pulls me into slow gear. Waiting and hanging around can be so addictive sometimes :) But I love the stress of putting projects together, except the part when I go around asking people for money haha.

I was sooooo soooo happy to hear Nadia received funding from Law School to attend Musawah for FI. Marge also made the money so they are guaranteed. Tamara and Shavin are also settled to fly to Austin Texas. FI is flying across different parts of the world to attend conferences around the same date. WoW. This will be phenomenal!

I am waiting a whole night for a miracle to show up. My challenge now: Find 200 pounds in one night. I believe I will. Shall we bet a pound and a penny on that?

I will make it to the conference. I don’t know how. But I know I will. The Universe, in it I trust.



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