I live by the ocean

It was my Ismail Chacha who told me, ‘You are very attracted to water.’ I did not know this until he pointed it out. He knows me more than I know my own self. Truly.

My partner and I used to take trips down to Grafham waters and once to Great Yarmouth. But wherever we drove or walk by, at some place there was a fort, a tiny stream, a canal, or a river.

These days the wind blows so strongly. It picks up the sounds of the ocean from far away. This is either my illusion or nature’s miracle. I live so far away from the ocean yet I hear it just outside my window, everytime the wind blows by.

Sometimes I deny myself the moment. I tell myself, it’s only the leaves rustling. Leaves off a huge tree outside my window. Their rustles sound like the ocean waves crashing to shore.

But I rather pretend I live right next to the ocean. It rains here all the time anyway. No, the water feature is not an illusion. This is nature’s miracle. One thing could be another. What are human senses in the face of mother-nature?


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